Livin La Vida

Hola Amigos!

I can’t believe I have started my last week in Spain! In one week I’ll be back in the US… sad but super excited at the same time!

So this past week I had my midterm for Language class which went really well, and then Thursday night some of the girls went shopping. The “rebajas” (sales) here are amazing and there are some awesome stores. Even though I’m not much of a shopper, even I couldn’t resist las rebajas!

Friday night we left at 11:30pm for Barcelona.. Oh what a journey that was. Thankfully, the 10 of us from Auburn were an “aggressive group” (as told by others on our bus) and most of us pushed our way to our own seats on the back of the bus. I put my traveling-in-buses experience from dive meets to good use and slept on the floor of the bus with my blanket and ever so famous Auburn pillow pet. After an eventful trip, we finally arrived in Barcelona around 10am. The adventures continued when our hotel rooms were not ready, so our lovely tour guide Fernando decided we could leave our bags in a closet at the hotel and go as we were into the city for the whole day… thanks Fernando. Some of the girls changed clothes, but that was about the extent of freshening up. Add this to the heat, and I’ve never felt more disgusting. It’s ok though, because we had an amazing day anyways.

We got most of Saturday to tour around on our own, which was nice. Our group from Auburn walked down to the pier and the beach, and I can honestly say it was the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen. The Mar Mediterraneo is the real deal, people. We stayed there for awhile but had to be back by 4:30 to tour the Picasso Museum. I’m no artist, but the museum was actually really cool. Then afterwards, we stumbled upon a really cool street show where people of all ages, from children to elderly people, were making the biggest human pyramid I have ever seen. Apparently it’s a big tradition in Catalonia, the region of Spain Barcelona is in. Fun fact- they don’t speak Spanish in this part of Spain (they can, but they don’t), they speak Catalon… so that was another challenge. Just after I get used to Spanish, I am now trying to decipher another language! It doesn’t look too different from Spanish when written but when spoken, they sound really different.

Sunday was definitely my favorite day. We were up bright and early to tour another beautiful art museum, and then afterwards, I made a little deviation from the group to go find my long lost roommate(s) Val and Jordan. To make a long story short, I walked around for quite some time looking for them but finally found them, and we had such an amazing day touring around Barcelona and catching up. Since the metros stop running on Sundays at midnight, I was back on the metro to my hotel before then and getting ready for bed. It sucked having to leave them, but I’ll see them soon! 🙂

Monday we just traveled back from Barcelona, another long drive, and Tuesday it was back to class. Tuesday night was the last night this week that we were really able to do anything since finals start Thursday (tomorrow), so our whole group made the wise decision to go out. Now, I’ve said before that the Spanish party late, and that goes for weeknights as well apparently. It was a late night for all involved, but I wasn’t even out as late as most! If you know me, you know how I get when I don’t get my sleep. All in all though, it was a fun, entertaining night.

Today it’s been study study study with breaks to run and do some abs in the park, and to eat dinner (it was pizza night!). I should probably get back to that since I do have 3 finals tomorrow -___- This weekend a bunch of us are headed to Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve never been, but it doesn’t sound like too bad of a place to celebrate my 20th birthday!

See you all so soon! No veo la hora!