2 Down 2 To Go…


Well, we are officially into week 3 of 4 of my temporary life in Spain! It seems like it’s been so long but so short at the same time. Good news is, the Spanish is starting to really come together; it isn’t so mind boggling anymore to sit through 5 hours of Spanish classes and conversations with the host family are becoming more smooth and substantial.

So this past weekend I went to Andalucia (which is kind of a vague term… it would be like saying ‘Oh, I went to the Southwest’ in the States). But more specifically, Andalucia is the southern region of Spain and I visited Sevilla and Granada. There were only 4 of us on the trip from my Auburn group. There were also some kids from University of Delaware and a big group of high schoolers from New Jersey (that was a treat) on our 7 hour bus ride. We arrived in Sevilla on Friday afternoon and did some touring. Sevilla is what I would describe as stereotypical Spain- bright colored clothing, beautiful/colorful buildings, gardens, and HEAT, wow the heat. At night we had free time so my little group from Auburn went and saw a Flamenco show which was definitely the highlight of my excursion down south. I find dance fascinating anyways so to see a type of dance that was so different and cultural was very interesting to me.

Saturday morning we went and saw a famous palace in Sevilla which was absolutely breathtaking, and then it was on the bus to Granada. We toured a cathedral here and then had the rest of the night to ourselves so we went exploring. If I had one word to describe Granada it would be lively- everywhere you look there is something going on. We saw many bachelor/bachelorette parties and even one bride to be riding a donkey through the streets. There were live street performers every which way and endless little markets selling extremely cheap souveneirs, and also SO MANY GYPSIES. Granada was definitely a fun, interesting place to be. In the morning we toured the Alhambra which was very, very cool- but not gonna lie, the 4 hour tour in that heat was a little much- and then it was back on that bus that I have become so familiar with. We arrived back in Salamanca at 10:30pm, ate a quick dinner cooked by the ever so lovely Marisol (who is one of the greatest ladies ever, btw), did our homework and went to bed.

This week of school has been filled with projects, oral presentations, and midterm tests. I actually get more rest during the weeks than on the weekends though because of all the traveling, but hey, so not complaining about that!!! The heat this week has been out of control. It’s almost unbearable to even be outside during the day. Since it would be a death sentence to try to run in this heat, this morning Julie and I had the bright idea to wake up at 6:15am before the sun had fully risen and do our run then. It was a struggle trying to wake up, but it was worth it to see the sunrise at the end of the run. We’ll probably do the same tomorrow. I might be crazy but at least I’ll (kind of, maybe, slightly) be prepared for morning practices this fall? Anyways, I have a test in Language tomorrow- a bunch of us met at a cafe to study earlier which was a lot of fun, but honestly was not too productive, so wish me luck :/ We leave Friday night for an overnight drive to Barcelona and I cannot wait!

Miss you all so much and see ya in 2 weeks exactly!

Hasta Luego,