Toledo, Burgos, y mas de Salamanca


Already more than a week down! Wow! Time is definitely starting to fly even though my days are jam packed with craziness and the days seem quite long in the moment. Starting with last Friday, aka 4th of July:

Friday, after class a bunch of my group met up in Plaza Mayor, and since there’s really no American food besides the lovely McDonald’s, the next best/closest thing in our minds was Mexican food. We sat outside and ate and talked, but had to be in bed early because at the crack of dawn the next morning we were on a 3 hour bus ride to Toledo. I don’t even have words to describe the beauty of this city. I have never seen anything like it. Interesting observation: I did not see one local who was out of shape while in Toledo and I can understand why- the entire city sits on a giant hill. I definitely got a good quad workout that day! We toured a bunch of different Cathedrals and saw a famous painting by El Greco, and had some time to ourselves for lunch. We arrived back in Salamanca that evening, only to board another bus Sunday morning for Burgos! Fun little side story- when we were walking to the bus meeting place at 7:15 am, there were still people out from the night before! The Spanish sure do love a good party. Anyways, the weather for this trip was not as cooperative but for the most part we were able to avoid the rain. Burgos is more of a quaint town but still with plenty of beauty. We saw more beautiful, historic landmarks here before it was time to board the bus back to Salamanca. These bus rides would be a lot worse if my group were not so funny. We have also mastered the art of sleeping in an upright position by now.

Monday it was back to class and the struggle was real trying to get up that morning. Needless to say I definitely took advantage of my siesta time that day. The past two days after class we have been laying out at our apartment complex’s pool while doing homework and have been starting to go on runs. 4 or more miles isn’t so bad when you’re surrounded by this much beauty! Last night we met up with people downtown to watch the World Cup and tonight we will probably do the same. It’s no lie that these Europeans love their “football”, which I have accidentally called it a few times! We have seen and done so many cool things already, but some of my best memories so far are just sitting in the Plaza, people watching and hanging out with my group, listening to whatever live street performer is playing that night.

Classes have been really good and I actually enjoy going. My favorite so far is my culture class, and today we learned some steps of a flamenco dance! 5 hours straight is a long time to only hear and speak Spanish, but I have met some really cool people who I would never be able to otherwise communicate with. Off to dinner soon cooked by the one and only Marisol (our house mom). She’s such a great lady and an amazing cook. We told her the other day that she should open her own restaurant! This weekend we go to Andalucia which is the south of Spain, cannot wait! I’ll keep ya updated. Miss you all and hasta pronto!