Getting into the swing of things


Things are finally starting to feel normal here! Yesterday morning we took our placement tests for classes and then a few other people in my group and I went and visited the Cathedral in Salamanca, which was built in the 1500s. I can’t even explain how beautiful and HUGE it was! We climbed all the way into the bell tower at the top and had to take the tiniest staircases. It is really built like a castle, almost. I will try to post pictures of it on Facebook soon. Then we went to an orientation for all the international students from all around the world who are studying here this summer. We listened to a lecture (in Spanish) which I didn’t understand much of, and then they had free snacks and drinks for everyone. We ate lunch and then took our first siesta which turned into a two hour nap… It seems like we are still a little jet lagged so the siestas have been great. This morning was our first day of classes! I am in school Monday through Friday from 9-2:15 straight which makes for a really long day, especially when the teachers only speak Spanish. These are not English-to-Spanish courses- the teachers speak ONLY Spanish and nothing else the entire day. It was kind of exhausting. Something I hadn’t anticipated is that some of the other people from my classes are not English speakers (they come from China, France, Brazil, etc.) , so the absolute only way I can communicate with them is in Spanish. It is kind of interesting because these are people that I would never be able to communicate with if I saw them on the streets but Spanish kind of brings us together because we are all trying to learn it. After class Julie and I had to go and buy new adapters for our chargers because mine blew a fuse yesterday, which is something that would totally happen to me. We walked a long ways to the store only to realize that it was closed for the siesta, which most shops do from around 3-5pm. We waited for it to open and got our adapters which are working fine, and then went and signed up for our trips we will be taking to Andalucia July 11-13 and Barcelona July 18-21 (!!!!!). Now we are getting ready to go out for the first time downtown, which I am super excited for! I’ll let you know how it goes! Hasta luego!